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2012 Minors and Health Care Law Available

Minors and Health Care Law explains all state and federal laws related to consent for the treatment of infants, children and adolescents. The manual answers questions such as: “Who can legally give consent for treatment of a minor?” and “When can a minor consent to his/her own treatment?” The manual also covers the release of patient information, refusal of treatment, maternity/newborn issues, access to medical records, child-abuse reporting and other special consent topics. The new edition has been enhanced and updated to reflect all changes in consent law through January 2012 by Lois Richardson, CHA vice president, privacy and legal publications/education. It now includes new requirements regarding the legal authority of minors 12 years and older to consent to preventive care for a communicable reportable disease, infant-feeding policies for hospitals with a perinatal unit, laws permitting HIV reporting to designated local public health agencies for HIV partner services, safety-seat information for children under 8 years, and a CD with more than 40 forms (many in Spanish). For more information or to order a manual, visit