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CEO Message: Speaking With One Voice on 2020’s Top Issues

Late last week, the deadline for introducing state legislation passed, and the Legislature will now have more than 5,000 bills to address this year. As we pore over them to discern which ones impact hospitals, we’re getting a clearer view of the health care policy landscape — and of the advocacy work we need to do to ensure you can focus on your mission of care.

It’s still early in the legislative year, which means there are plenty of curve balls, amendments, negotiations, and new developments yet to come. But with a good understanding of the administration’s priorities, the Legislature’s hot-button issues, and the needs of your patients and communities, we’ll continue to make sure lawmakers know what hospitals stand for and where we can be an important resource for them.

To help with those conversations, we’ve created a library of advocacy materials that help explain where hospitals stand on the most prominent health care issues and offer solutions to help your patients and communities thrive. We’ll use these key messages, issue briefs, and infographics in meetings with legislators and their staff, as a component of our social media messaging, and to help inform traditional news media when they reach out to us.

We created the materials with you in mind — recognizing your need as organizational and community leaders, to use in your interactions with local and state officials, for media inquiries, or however else you find them useful.

The library will continue to grow throughout the year, encompassing additional issues, but for now, it includes topics such as: health care affordability, behavioral health, hospitals as economic engines, hospital and health system integration, price transparency, rate setting, and surprise billing.

It also features a toolkit on hospital seismic requirements in support of our sponsored legislation, Senate Bill 758 (Portantino, D-La Cañada Flintridge). The toolkit includes FAQs, talking points, an issue brief, an infographic, a sample op-ed, a sample letter to the editor, and a sample PowerPoint presentation.

On the issues that matter most to you and your patients, our greatest strengths are our unified effort and cohesive voice. I hope you’ll make good use of our growing advocacy library in our shared work to advance health care in California.

– Carmela

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Emergency Preparedness

CHA News Article

CHA Provides Resources, Ongoing Updates About Coronavirus
For CEOs, government relations executives, public relations executives, disaster preparedness coordinators

As hospitals prepare for the likely spread of novel coronavirus — also known as COVID-19 — CHA and the Regional Associations continue to work closely with local, state, and federal officials to address questions and concerns from hospitals. See our key messages about hospital preparedness and a web page with ongoing updates from the California Department of Public Health (CDPH), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and more.

CHA News Article

CDPH Releases Proposed Hospital License Fees

The California Department of Public Health (CDPH) has released its Annual Fee Report for Fiscal Year 2020-21. It proposes an increase for hospitals from $661 to $846 per bed statewide and an increase from $861 to $1,002 per bed in Los Angeles County.

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CHA News Article

Meet the Homeless Guardians Protecting California’s Most Vulnerable
For CEOs, COOs, government relations executives, discharge planners, communications staff, case managers

Ignacio has been living in the same industrial alley near the Los Angeles River for the past 20 years. Tyresha calls San Francisco home, but has been without stable housing for more than a decade. And while they may be hundreds of miles apart, their lives have both been touched by health care professionals in their communities.

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CHA News Article For Members

CHA Posts Legislative Update

As CHA continues to work on its legislative agenda, an update on bills currently being tracked on behalf of hospitals is available in our Legislative Update.

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CMS News Roundup

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CHA Education Events

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