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CEO Message: Rising to Meet the Moment

“Men’s and nations’ finest hour consist of those moments when extraordinary challenge is met by extraordinary response.”    Neal A. Maxwell

As the days and nights have blended together over the past two weeks during the growing coronavirus threat, there’s one thought that continues to rise in my mind.

It’s this: How fortunate; how very fortunate we are to have the dedication of our teammates during this uncertain time.

We don’t yet know how far, how fast, and how hard coronavirus will hit our nation or our state, but each of us does know, right now, that there are people we can count on when our backs are against the wall. And those people have others they count on. And so on.

In turn, your patients — those who are sick or injured — count on you, because their backs are against the wall. In the coming weeks and months, your communities will need to count on you as well.

This is where we are today, at a moment when each of us, individually, will be tested.

For all of us, are we following the science and doing our duty on social distancing and home isolation? For our political leaders, are they taking the steps necessary to protect not only the public, but also our vital health care workforce? For our neighbors, are we checking in to see if now-homebound seniors need groceries? Are we avoiding hoarding food and supplies so all can get the things they need?

These days, information is flying at a breakneck pace; policies are changing by the day; and events on the ground are shifting by the hour.

Through all of this, you, the individual threads that make up California’s health care tapestry, have held firm in your commitment to protect and care for people.

That’s why I’d like to pause for a moment to thank all of you personally, because I know that you have each others’ backs — from sharing scarce personal protective equipment to creating more space for patients.

And when we all stick together, collectively, we have the backs of the millions of Californians who are counting on us every day. That’s why we do what we do.

To add one thought to Mr. Maxwell’s quote on extraordinary challenge being met by extraordinary response: that response is only possible when extraordinary people are doing it.

Thank you for all the extraordinary work you do to make sure someone has the back of all Californians.

– Carmela

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CHA News Article

USP Panel Remands Revised Compounding Standards for Further Review
For COOs, pharmacy staff, licensing & certification staff

Last week, the United States Pharmacopeia (USP) appeals panel remanded the revised USP General Chapter standards 795 for nonsterile compounding and 797 for sterile compounding to an expert committee “for further engagement on the issues raised concerning the beyond-use date provisions.”

CHA News Article

CDPH Issues AFL Announcing New Electronic Process for Reporting a Death Associated with Restraint or Seclusion
For COOs, licensing & certification staff

The California Department of Public Health has issued an All Facilities Letter notifying hospitals that the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) no longer accepts paper forms for reporting deaths associated with restraint or seclusion, and that hospitals must report those deaths electronically.

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Quality & Patient Safety

CHA News Article

Online Training to Help Hospitals Address Implicit Bias in Maternity Care
For CEOs and leaders in clinical and operations, quality & patient safety, labor & delivery, person-centered care, diversity & inclusion, organizational development, and human resources

Effective January 2020, California Senate Bill 464 (Mitchell, 2019) requires California hospitals to educate their perinatal care staff about implicit bias. After consultation with the Hospital Quality Institute (HQI) and other stakeholders, California Health Care Foundation has funded Diversity Science to develop online learning modules and associated resources for hospitals to assist them with this legislative requirement.

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Emergency Preparedness

CHA News Article

CHA Provides Ongoing COVID-19 Updates
For CEOs, CMOs, CNOs, COOs, infection preventionists, disaster preparedness staff

To support hospitals and health systems as they continue to care for patients potentially diagnosed with COVID-19 and significantly surge their capacity in the coming weeks, CHA has created the Coronavirus Response web page as a repository of information. It features updates and guidance in an FAQ format, as well as a comprehensive list of state and federal waivers, flexes, and enforcement discretions; information on resource requests; details about Federal Emergency Management Agency reimbursement; and more. 

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