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CEO Message: All of the ‘Thank You-s’

Normally, each year around the Thanksgiving holiday, this space is used to express gratitude for hospital workers who have committed their careers and their lives to helping others – the very stuff hospitals are made of. 

It’s an important, sincere message that is too often taken for granted amid the daily grind, and one that I have looked forward to writing for many years. 

This year, it feels … for lack of a better word, “inadequate.”  

Instead, during a year that will forever change our lives and our relationships with one another in ways we haven’t yet begun to understand, I’m left with questions. 

How do you show appreciation for someone who works 18-hour nursing shifts and sleeps in her garage to protect her family? 

How do you help more than 18,000 California families face an empty chair at the dinner table? 

How do you find the strength to keep going, day after day, as the challenges keep mounting? 

How do you explain that there’s only one protective mask available, when you need three? 

How do you ask a nursing student, who may not be quite ready for real patients, to care for real patients, during a real crisis? 

How do you tell a doctor that you need her to stay just a few more hours? 

How do you find the silver linings in a year marked by such pain and loss? 

There are no easy answers, but at a time when it’s easy to feel resentful for all the things we’re missing, it is a far better use of our energy and time to be grateful for all we have. At the top of this year’s list are the women and men of California’s hospitals. 

May they always be a source of hope for those in need. 

~ Carmela

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Human Resources

CHA News Article

Cal/OSHA Adopts Emergency COVID-19 Standard
For CEOs, human resources executives

On Nov. 19, the California Occupational Safety and Health Board (Cal/OSHA) adopted an emergency temporary standard (ETS) focused on COVID-19 in the workplace. This new, extremely broad regulation is in addition to the employee notice requirements encompassed in Assembly Bill (AB) 685, COVID supplemental paid sick leave adopted in AB 1867, and Senate Bill 1159’s workers’ compensation presumption requirements.  

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CHA News Article

HHS Announces Part B Drug Pricing Payment Model and Part D Safe Harbor Final Rule
For CFOs, finance & reimbursement staff, government relations staff, pharmacy managers

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has issued an interim final rule implementing a new mandatory payment model – the Most Favored Nation Model – that bases the price Medicare pays for certain drugs on the lowest price paid in some other developed nations. The model will take effect Jan. 1, 2021, and runs until Dec. 30, 2027.  

CHA News Article

CMS Issues Final Rule on Stark Law
For CFOs, finance & reimbursement staff, government relations staff

On Nov. 20, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services issued its final rule to modernize and clarify the regulations that interpret the Medicare physician self-referral law, also known as the Stark Law. 

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CHA News Article

CHA Continues Advocacy for Hospitals on New PPE Stockpile Law
For CEOs, government relations executives

CHA recognizes that with the Jan. 15, 2021, reporting requirement for Assembly Bill 2537 and its April 1, 2021, personal protective equipment (PPE) stockpile deadlines right around the corner, hospitals are struggling with how to meet the new law’s obligations. Following is an update on CHA’s advocacy efforts with Cal/OSHA, which began shortly after the bill was signed.   

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Behavioral Health

CHA News Article

Mental Health Commission Launches New Dashboards
For behavioral health directors

The Mental Health Services Oversight & Accountability Commission has announced the launch of five new dashboards on its Transparency Suite to support learning communities to drive program improvement. The dashboards will also inform community planning by improving public access to information on mental health services and outcomes.  

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Post-Acute Care

CHA News Article

CMS Completes Transition to Care Compare Website
For post-acute care leaders, case managers, quality and compliance leaders

Effective Dec. 1, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) will retire eight original health care compare tools, completing the transition to the streamlined Care Compare website.  

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Publishing Schedule

CHA News Article

CHA News Will Return Next Week

Because of the Thanksgiving holiday, there will be no CHA News on Thursday. CHA News will return on Nov. 30. 

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