FAQs: Treatments

What do we do if we decide not to use our remdesevir allocation assigned by the county?

Contact your Medical Health Operational Area Coordinator immediately so the unused portions can be redistributed either in your county or in other counties across the state. (7/14)

How many doses of remdesivir has California received?

On July 13, California was allocated 354 cases, or approximately 14,000 doses. The specific county allocations will be available soon on the CDPH Remdesivir Guidance site under “Other.” (7/21)

How will remdesivir be allocated to our hospital?

As explained in the guidance for counties, the most recent COVID-19-positive hospital census data will be used to proportionally distribute the drug. (7/21)

How should our hospital determine how to allocate remdesivir to patients in our hospital?

CDPH has issued guidance for hospitals regarding allocation of scare medications for COVID-19. These recommendations are designed to help maximize transparent and fair allocation of remdesivir or other scare medication in a way that provides the greatest overall clinical benefits to patients with COVID-19, avoids bias, and mitigates health care disparities. (6/4)

Can remdesivir be given to pediatric patients? 

Yes. It must be in lyophilized form. See CDPH’s fact sheet. (7/21)

What’s the difference between lyophilized remdesivir and the previous shipments we have been receiving? 

The lyophilized powder does not require refrigeration. This guide provides information on the preparation and dilution of the lyophilized powder. (6/4)

Where do I find the CDPH guidance on remdesivir ? 

Go to and scroll to “Remdesivir.” (6/4)

What if our hospital doesn’t need its allotted remdesivir? 

If the hospital decides not to purchase their allotment they must immediately contact their Medical Health Area Operational Coordinator so the unused portion can be returned to the reallocating county or the state. This is imperative in order for the state to prevent losing any remdesivir doses to other states. (7/21)

Where did the supply of remdesivir come from? 

Gilead Science donated the initial 1.5 million vials worldwide. Now ,AmerisourceBergen Corporation is manufacturing and selling remdesivir in the commercial marketplace. (7/21)

Is remdesivir an experimental drug? 

Yes. However, the FDA has allowed emergency use authorization of the drug, as explained in its fact sheet.