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Population Health Management
Listen to podcasts and webinar recordings to master PHM


A major transformation is underway in health care to enhance patient care quality, access and experience, and reduce costs. Because population health management (PHM) is the direction in which health care is moving, the California Hospital Association is pleased to provide member hospitals with comprehensive and substantive podcasts and webinar recordings designed to enhance the knowledge and skills needed to succeed under a PHM construct.

Master PHM
Based on CHA’s webinar series, Population Health Management: A comprehensive, five-part program for hospital leaders, the podcasts and recordings offer critical information for executives and professionals in a wide range of organizations. Five key areas are presented:

  • The PHM Framework
  • Business Considerations for PHM
  • Clinical Considerations for PHM
  • Technology for PHM
  • Leadership and Talent for PHM


Jan. 4, 2017 Podcast
A Framework for Population Health Management — From Providing Care to Managing Health
Jan. 11, 2017 Podcast
Drivers of the Population Health Management Imperative
Jan. 18, 2017 Podcast
Nine Population Health Management Key Competencies
Jan. 25, 2017 Podcast
Comprehensive Care Management — Clinical and Business Competencies
Feb. 1, 2017 Podcast
Types of Risk Assumed by Hospitals and Health Systems Under PHM
Feb. 8, 2017 Podcast
Provider Organization Roles Under PHM
Feb. 15, 2017 Podcast
A Framework for the Pursuit of PHM
Feb. 22, 2017 Podcast
Determining the Market’s Stage and Pace of Change
March 1, 2017 Podcast
Evaluating Organizational Position and Competence Gaps
March 8, 2017 Podcast
Identifying PHM Opportunities, Determining Scope and Scale
March 15, 2017 Podcast
Defining a Contracting Strategy to Support PHM Opportunities
March 22, 2017 Podcast
Identifying the Appropriate PHM Path for the Organization — Build, Buy or Partner

Webinar Recordings

Webinar 1: A Framework for Population Health Management
Webinar 2: Business Imperatives for Population Health Management
Webinar 3: Clinical Imperatives for Population Health Management
Webinar 4: Technology for Population Health Management
Webinar 5: Leadership and Talent for Population Health Management