2014 Consent Manual
Comprehensive resource on patient consent for medical treatment and related health care law


This easy-to-use manual doesn’t just repeat the law, it explains it. The Consent Manual is the most comprehensive and acclaimed resource available to hospitals regarding patient consent for medical treatment. The manual starts with basic principles of consent and moves to specific situations and patient types including minors, mental health treatment, advance health care directives and more. Broader consent issues such as release of information, mandatory reporting requirements and refusal of treatment are also addressed.

This nearly 1,000-page manual contains 24 chapters, several quick reference guides, and more than 100 forms (many in Spanish). All forms and appendixes are available electronically (PDF) on a free CD. This year’s edition was updated to reflect changes through January 2014 including:

  • Amendments to California law clarifying the required means of communication and content that a patient must receive to consent to HIV testing, and new requirements regarding information to be given to patients when they are told their HIV test results, whether positive or negative,
  • New reporting requirements to multiple agencies for more serious types of abuse occurring in a state mental hospital or developmental center when abuse is discovered in a general acute care hospital,
  • Reduced timeframe to submit electronic medical records and details on the associated penalties for failure to comply with Medical Board of California requests, and
  • Expanded requirements for the submission of a culture or specimen, along with specified information, to the public health officer.

(41th edition, 2014)


This nearly 1,000-page manual contains 24 chapters, several quick reference guides, and more than 100 forms (many in Spanish). All forms and appendixes are now available electronically (PDF) on a free CD included with the 2014 Consent Manual.

  • Patients’ Rights and the Basic Principles of Consent
  • Who May Give Consent
  • Advance Health Care Directives
  • Procedures that Require Special Consent
  • Refusal of Treatment and End-of-Life Issues
  • Medical Procedures and Interrogations Requested by Law Enforcement
  • Research on Human Subjects
  • Conditions of Admission, Arbitration and Liens
  • Patient Transfer, Discharge or Temporary Absence
  • Maternity/Newborn Issues
  • Deaths, Autopsies and Anatomical Gifts
  • Voluntary Admission and Involuntary Detainment for Mental Health Treatment
  • Rights of Mental Health Patients
  • The Medical Record
  • Privacy Rights and Notice of Privacy Practices
  • Use and Disclosure of PHI: Patients Covered by CMIA
  • Use and Disclosure of PHI: Patients Covered by LPS
  • Use & Disclosure of PHI: Substance Abuse
  • Assault and Abuse Reporting Requirements
  • Other Statutory Reporting Requirements
  • Incident and Quality Assurance Reports
  • Hospital Liability for Patients’ Belongings
  • HIV and Other Bloodborne Pathogens
  • Other Issues
Also Includes:
  • Introduction
  • Where to Find Laws Referenced in the Manual
  • Numerical Listing of Tables, Forms and Appendixes
  • Signage Requirements
  • Patient Handouts or Other Informational Requirements
  • Reporting Requirements
  • Special Consent Requirements
  • Index


“The Consent Manual is the best publication for quick answers to medical legal issues.”
— Laura Sarff, Chief Quality Officer, Olive View – UCLA Medical Center

“Even the most complex subjects are presented in an easy to understand way.”
— Jean Higgins, Quality/Risk Manager, Feather River Hospital

“I have yet to have a question that the Consent Manual content could not address.”
— Marianne Padden, Compliance Officer, Providence Little Company of Mary Medical Center – Torrance